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This is a quick overview of how to upgrade Modx Revolution on Linux (specifically Ubuntu).

The steps below are based on information from Bob's Guides and some of it is straight repetition (hope you don't mind, Bob). The differences are specific to my setup (an Ubuntu based web-server) which I access via the command line using Putty (I don't have cPanel). I also don't go into as much detail as Bob, so I urge you to check out his FAQ also.

  1. Clear the site cache and the error log (under the Reports menu).
  2. Log out of the Manager after ensuring no-one else is logged in. This is very important.
  3. Back up your site (Bob goes into more detail).
  4. Download the current stable version of MODX Revolution from the Modx site to your local machine.
  5. Extract all files in the archive.
  6. Navigate into the directory that was just created — you should see the assets, core, manager, and setup directories. Select all files and directories and create a new archive using your own unique name (e.g., MyModx2.1.11.zip)
  7. On the web-server, delete all files in the core/cache directory:
    cd core/cache
    sudo rm -rf *
  8. Go up two levels to the MODX root directory — you should see the assets, core, and manager directories.
  9. Upload the .zip file you created from your local machine (e.g., MyModx2.1.11.zip)
  10. Rename index.php to index.php.bak. The site will be down from this point on.
  11. Extract the files in the .zip file. This will overwrite existing Modx core system files (it won't touch any files or directories you created as part of the site):
    unzip -o MyModx2.1.11.zip
    rm MyModx2.1.11.zip
  12. Make the file config.inc.php writable:
    cd core/config
    chmod 775 config.inc.php
  13. Open a new browser window and go to http://yoursite.com/setup
  14. Follow the prompts (make sure that the Upgrade Install check-box is checked — if not, don't proceed!) At the end of the upgrade you should get a success message.
  15. Make config.inc.php read only again:
    chmod 644 config.inc.php
  16. Manually delete the setup directory (the installer/ upgrader does not do this automatically on Ubuntu):
    cd ../..
    sudo rm -rf setup
  17. Once Setup is finished, the site should be back up and using the new version. Log in to test.

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