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Modx & blogging part 6: More on integrating templates


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Modx, Articles, Styling

This time we'll complete the transformation of the Articles summary page. Read more...

Modx & blogging part 5: Template integration


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Articles, Modx, Styling

This is where we start the process of replacing the standard templates that comes with Articles with the free Caprice template that we've selected to use. We will be concentrating first on the Articles summary page, but the principles will apply to all pages. Read more...

Modx & blogging part 4: Templating basics


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Templating, Modx, Articles

If you've been following this series you'll know we now have the technical framework of our blog (mostly) set up. In the next few parts we will look at how to integrate 3rd party templates to style our site - specifically to replace the Articles templates but also looking at the site as a whole. Read more...

Modx & blogging part 3: Inserting and formatting source code


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Modx, Articles, SyntaxHighlighter, FixedPre, markdownOF

This time we're going to look at installing and configuring tools to display code in our blog. If you're never going to do this, you can skip this bit entirely, although you will miss a discussion on using Markdown. Read more...


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