Welcome to the blog and portfolio of Robert Gissing (Argy).

I'm a technical writer, developer and DBA with over 3 decades of experience across a wide range of IT roles. These days I'm lucky enough to be able to choose what I do and when I do it. Having arrived here you might be wondering what this site is about. This is where I blog about things that interest me - and at the moment this is mostly about the building of this site from the ground up using the Modx Content Management System (CMS).

As this is a side project while I build some "real" sites for a couple of clients, progress (and new information) might be a little sporadic. So this is why the site does not look quite finished and why updates are not as regular as I would like them to be.

Mostly what you will find here are things that I have learnt along the way but don't want to forget. This will be mostly about Modx but will also expand to cover databases, wikis, writing and maybe even photography. If there is something here that also interests you or you find insightful then that's a bonus for us all. Enjoy (or leave - it's entirely up to you)!